This bot posts stories to Twitter that reach a certain rank on Hacker News.

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Why another Twitter bot for Hacker News?

While there are some bots like @newsycombinator that post just too much (for my taste), there are especially the bots of Jeff Miller that got my attention. The score thresholds these bots use is a good way to filter out HN stories. However I'd like to read the HN top stories no matter what their score is (and I needed a reason to hack a bot).

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For now there is one bot which posts stories with rank 1: @hn_bot_top1 (link)

I might add bots with top 3 and/or top 5 stories, but the top 1 bot already posts about 10 to 20 stories a day. If you are interested in Hacker News statistics I recommend with a nice visualization of rank statistics.


The bot is written in Python. It uses python-Twitter for posting to Twitter and the unofficial HN API at to get data.

Known Bug

As this bot runs every 5 minutes and uses (which is great, but quite often returns with an error 500), it can happen that the bot misses stories that are on rank 1 only for a short time.